Homemade Antibiotic Cream Basic materials

Basic materials
Cream home beeswax, lanolin, olive oil (or avocado, almond or other vegetable oils such as jojoba oil) base. Beeswax and lanolin can be found in health food stores. Low heat, two wax, lanolin, half an ounce and a half ounces of vegetable oil such as olive oil Dram and heat formula.

It can contain the pollen, wax, pollen-allergic people may be a problem. To create a beeswax precast company, odorless cream base to the local dealer to buy or use the cream thick odorless lotion or cream. Another method is based on body butter. Precast base platform, preservatives, they can prolong life.

Basic materials
Add cream essential oils and herbal antiseptic properties, select the lavender and general antibiotic treatment, has a long history as the center. With herbs and essential oils, lavender is a simple plant to find the sale. In a separate pot boil a teaspoon of lavender flowers distilled water, half an ounce of water. Blend, strain and add the hot oil-based liquid mixing. When the mixture begins to harden 20 drops of lavender essential oil to add.

Producers and local manufacturers to buy the herbs and essential oils such as lavender to consider. The satisfaction of lavender or if you do not like tea tree, lemon, and even antibiotic properties of one hundred.

Store cream
In order to keep on top of cream, with a small plastic or glass bottles. In craft stores or through their major suppliers can be found in these complexes, you can buy in bulk. Dishwasher or by hand with warm water and mild soap and disinfected, you can only use for recycling. Manual before completing the antibiotic cream rinse, air dry. Only a small amount of antibiotic cream handmade vegetable oils become rancid, in order to avoid a few weeks or a month.


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